3D Printers

We only offer printers which we have thouroughly tested and printers which we know are reliable and offer quality prints. Our range includes FDM printers such as UP and Mankati, SLA and DLP 3D Printers. If you are near to one of our studios, why not head in and see the machine in action before you buy?

3D Printer Materials and Consumables

We have a wide arrange of 3D Printer materials such as filaments, resins and accessories in stockFind out more and buy from here 

Support Packages

If you buy a printer from us and take out our optional $400 support package you’ll enjoy, 1-on-1 setup training, a place on our 3 hour basic hands-on training class, 2 extra rolls of filament and 12 months of machine repairs within our studios. Find out more 

Machine Repairs

3D Printer playing up? Our experienced engineers can have your machine back up and running in no time. Call your local studio or contact us and we’ll arrange everything


Looking to rent a 3D Printer for an event or project? We have a number of printers available for rent. We can also optionally rent a laptop with all the required software installed and provide a technician to run the printer for you. Call your local studio or contact us for more information