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All about the technology

For both Howard and Stu the technology and its incredible potential is what ignites the passion and drove them to create 3D Printing Studios. Having both previously owned and ran small 3D Printing businesses they recognised that the time was right for a new concept, so they joined forces. "Other providers hide the technology away behind factory walls with only a website or phone linking its potential with the customer and what they need, 3D Printing Studios on the other hand is making it accessible to everyone." Stu said. By allowing anyone to see it in action, learn about it, play with the parts and emerse themselves in it, ideas are born and ideas are realised. That's the beauty of 3D Printing Studios, it's accessible to everyone and with more and more studios opening even more people will benefit from this once in a generation technology shift.



This year promises to be a big one! In June a new Melbourne Studio located in Collins Street will be opening its doors to customers. During the year, incredible new 3D technology will be arriving which will help 3D Printing Studios realise its vision of providing a network of factories capable of producing anything, at any time, close to people who need it 


3D Printing Studios significantly increases its capability with the purchase of a metal 3D printer and 8 other production grade machines, giving it the bredth of technology to service practically any customer need in-house with the highest quality output in the fastest possible time. 3D Printing Studios Singapore moved into a new larger premises and acquired some new capability


3D Printing Studios opened its first 3D Printing Hub in the Sydney CBD. In addition it opened its first international studio in Singapore. We trained our 2000th student in 3D Printing and exposed 1000's more to the technology through our studios, media appearances and the exhibitions we attended


Perth became the first studio to open outside of Sydney. In Sydney we continued to invest in our 3D Printing capability and we opened up a new 3D Printing experience studio in Parramatta


3D Printing Studios opened its first studio, Australia's 1st 3D Printing shop and the worlds 5th in George Street Sydney. For the first time the technology was accessible to anyone who could spare the time to come down and check it out. In the first six months we had over 20,000 visitors, most of which got a chance to see and touch something they'd only seen on TV or in the news - a 3D Printed part


Stu started the Sydney 3D Printers meetup which now has 900 members and has spawned similar meetups around the world 


Stu started Parts2Print with an Objet 30 and an idea of providing replacement parts for vintage cars etc


Howard started 3D Printing Pty Ltd with a ZCorp 510 and an idea of providing Development Application models to Architects and Developers in Sydney

Meet the owners

3D Printing Studios has a seller/doer model which means all the owners are hands on 3D Printing enthusiasts who support and service our customers. Collectively there is a wealth of experience at your disposal, so please contact us via the studio links and we'd be happy to help

Stuart Grover

Co-Founder and CEO

Howard Wood

Co-Founder and Director

Paulene & Jason

Asia Directors & Co-Founder